Women's Nike SB Bruin

January 22, 2019

The rise of the women's skateboarding movement has become evident with the promotion of female skateboarders around the world and its popularity is growing at a rapid pace. Nike SB has come to the table by creating its first shoe catering for women's feet - the Nike Sb Women's Bruin. The shoe features a shallower toe box and tapered heel, a higher arch and an outsole that narrows through the arch.

We now stock the Women's Bruin in the low and the high - and they can be seen in store and also online here.

“I used to look up how to modify my shoes online so I could make them fit better,” says Lacey Baker, Nike SB pro skateboarder. “I would put frozen plastic bags inside my shoes or spray them with water to stretch them out and make them feel like they were better molded to my feet.”