Carpet Company Dunk High

February 25, 2021

Instore Raffle - CLOSED


This raffle is open to Western Australian residents only.

Raffle closes Saturday at 6pm.

Winners will be notified on Sunday.

Must collect INSTORE before Wednesday at 3pm.

Failure to collect by then will result in redraw.

Only 1 entry per customer, multiple entries will be disqualified and banned from future raffles.

Winners must pay and pick up in person, so a valid ID will be required at pick up. No exceptions.

Nastiness will not be tolerated. Haters will be banned.

Good Luck

Producers of 1-of-1 tees and boards, Carpet Company has effectively brought their DIY energy to the panels of the beloved silhouette.

Light blues tint the overlays — toe cap, swoosh, eye stay, etc. — each further marked with a zoomed-in, mostly obscured print. And though they’re applied to a base of canvas, the graphics create a deceptively holographic finish, one due likely in part to the intentionally low fidelity.

Elsewhere, adjacent to the aged yellowing of the midsole and tongue, the duo have added quite a few playful touches: the back heel embroiders with a misshaped star, the insole fully covers with a cap-wearing figure, bold “CARPET” branding marks the outsole, and many a motif can be found on the tabs.

What’s more, as a visible sign off, the counter ends with this message: “BROUGHT TO YOU BY THE HABIBIS AT CARPET COMPANY.”