Converse CTAS Pro Mid Khaki/Black/Egret


Converse CTAS Pro Mid Khaki/Black/Egret

Introduced to the world in the early 1900’s, Converse were originally the best Basketball shoes on the market and were made famous by respected player Charles (Chuck) Taylor. From the early days of Converse and before brands were making skate specific shoes, Chuck Taylors were seen worn by skateboarders across the globe and the infamous One Star model gained recognition once Guy Mariano was seen rocking a pair in his legendary “Mouse” part in 1996.

In more recent years, we saw a great quality increase as the Lunarlon sole technology and Cons Traction Rubber launched. Without jeopardizing the classic shape and style of original Converse silhouettes, the new skate range appeals to not only skateboarders, but pop culture as a whole. By staying true to their roots and consistent quality improvements, Cons has certified themselves in the world of skateboarding and we’re backing them every step of the way.